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Matt Bove Design creates custom, hand made, heirloom quality wooden furniture and home decor that are built to last and designed to create balance, harmony, and warmth in the interior of your home. Creating anything Custom begins with a conversation. While the mechanics of creating can be personal, the process is a partnership to design furnishings that strike harmony and desirable. I am uniquely qualified to accomplish these goals because, simply stated, the creative process is personal to me. I ask questions and process your individual needs and desires. I am more than a craftsman. I am an informed, compassionate partner who will guide and support you every step of the process. It is my imperative and my purpose to elicit ‘who you are’ and then to build the expression of ‘who you are’ into the structures that surround you.


Please keep in mind I work with WOOD. All my pieces are hand made by myself and every piece is unique. I can not guaranty how each piece of wood will soak up stain. Every can of stain is different than the last. I believe this helps with keeping every piece different and unique. I believe any imperfections add to the rustic look I'm going for. Wood is an organic product and moves with the seasons. I believe that knots, cracks, bowing, gaps, only adds to the character of each piece I build. I will not offer refunds or exchanges if any of these instances are to occur. I have made pieces for my home, my family and friends homes and we love every piece! I know you will too.

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